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U.S. Ambassador of Good Will

International Musician, January, 1962:

"Meeting Kings and Presidents, and all these things in Africa, I admit I get a thrill out of it, because naturally I never expected all of that; but I didn't learn trumpet for all that either. I just want to blow the horn and please the people and come on home to my wife. Anything else that comes along, well, I can cope with it."

Ralph J. Gleason, The San Francisco Chronicle 1/23/62:

"Louis is real and he is America and to a great part of the world he represents the best of America. To the extent that we deny him that acceptance here, we do ourselves, more than him, an injustice.... Wrapped up in his music and in his sandpaper voice, is a way of life, a point of view and an attitude that this world will be much the poorer without."

During the next several months we will be posting information on The Ambassador's overseas tours. Satchmo is ready for take-off, so let's start with Ghana.

Nations Visited By Louis Armstrong and His All Stars

Australia Belgium Denmark Finland Sweden Norway Italy Germany Holland Switzerland England Scotland France Canada Japan New Zealand Mexico Iceland Austria Argentina Brazil Chile Uraguay Venezuela Ireland India Singapore Korea Taiwan Romania Czechoslovakia Yugoslavia Hungary Sierra Leone Cameroon Phillipines Monaco Lebanon Israel Egypt Abyssinia Ghana Nigeria Mali Tanganyika Zanzibar Liberia Rhodesia Kenya Zaire Uganda Guinea

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