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Page: Stamps Issued In 1971

This graphic is a blowup of the portrait found on the Niger 150 franc stamp issued on December 6, 1971. It is a shoulder length view of Louis playing the trumpet handkerchief in hand.
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Page: Stamps Issued After 1971

This is a mid sixties picture, taken by Jack Bradley, of Louis standing by the stoop of his home in Corona Queens. Satchmo is holding a briefcase in his left hand and waving to Jack, who is across the street, with his right.
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Page: Ambassador Satch

There are two pictures on this page.

At the top is a head and shoulders photo of Louis from the early 1950's while playing at a club in New York City.

At the bottom Louis is pictured in a United States Air Force flight suit on the runway at Otis Air Force Base, Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1956. The expression on his face, and the manner in which he is clutching his trumpet, indicate that he is not looking forward to the flight. (Air Force publicity photo).
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Page: Ghana 1956

This is Ghana's national flag. Three vertical stripes: red (top), gold, and green (bottom). A black star is in the center of the flag. The single star signifies Ghana becoming the first independent African republic, in 1956.

[Ghana 1956]

Page: Jack Bradley

This is a 1963 photograph of Louis and Jack taken by Lucille Armstrong. Jack and Louis are sitting at a table in the New York City club Bourbon Street, which Jack Bradley managed. It is opening night at the club, and Louis came over from Queens and spent the whole evening. Louis had also mentioned the opening to a number of friends, and soon the place was crowded with musicians.

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