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John Ciccolo John ('Chick') played professionally for 10 years during the 1930's. 'Clarinet players being scarce, I was fortunate enough to play with some great musicians - Henry Allen, Ted Roy, Bobby Hackett, Jerry Gray and others.' After a hiatus of 45 years Chick began playing again in 1985, when the Liberty Hall group was started.

George Souza George has played with most of the top groups on Cape Cod over the past half century. He is the Quartet's midi pioneer and guru ; he - along with the late Frank Smoeller - bought their first midi setups in 1989. ('Don't worry Chick, you'll learn to love the WX-11').

Mel Pauze No traditional jazz band would be complete without a Pentium - so Mel bought one to record and process the group's midi sequences. Before retiring to the Cape and joining the group several years ago, Mel had his own Boston-area band - The Meltones - (he claims that the band was named for Mel Torme). He also played in the South Shore Symphony Orchestra and U.S. Army Band.

Russ Fichera Russ was the Meltones' pianist for 15 years ,and also played with a number of groups in the Boston area. After retirement to the Cape 10 years ago, Russ played at several Cape clubs and hotels. He lives across the street from Mel (Russ was there first) which makes computer and music collaboration convenient.

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